Db_Retail Fixtures_SS24_ Free Standing Unit 2100_ SKU 9000456004901

DB Journey Retail Concept

Brand Experience



We were tasked with solving DB Journey retail challenge as they transition from online to a hybrid model. Our solution? A global bespoke retail display unit that not only showcases their full product range of bags, luggage, surf, and snow bags but also seamlessly embodies their brand DNA.

We developed a meticulously engineered system designed to be both scalable and flexible, tailored to meet the dynamic demands of DB JOURNEY’s retail partners while integrating into their daily operations. Find our retail solution in all key stores where you can buy DB Journey products. Globally.

Db_Retail Fixtures_SS24_Free Standing Unit Tall 2400_ SKU 9000318004901_and Low Podium
Db_Retail Fixtures_SS24_Free Standing Unit 2100 and Low podium_Podium is black, not silver_black
Db_Retail Fixtures_SS24_ Low podium_Ramverk product focus_SKU 9000312004901_ Podium is black, not silver_black

Agency scope:

Design, production & installation.

DB Journey x WRKS_Creative Pitch Back_22032023_2
DB-Retail Fixture 2023-Plans (glissés) 2
DB-Retail Fixture 2023-Plans (glissés)
DB Journey x WRKS_Creative Pitch Back_22032023